About Our Team

Pro-motor was created by Layton Brooks and Ryan Thomas. Layton, a Cardiff University Psychology graduate and Ryan, a current Cardiff University Maths Undergraduate, met when they were both students.

During their time at Cardiff, Layton and Ryan noticed the ever-increasing cost of living for students. Despite wanting to concentrate most of their time on studying, both needed to earn extra money to see their way through university. Balancing a job with university demands is tricky, especially in the final years when the pressure increases. This is a problem that will only grow in future years, with student fees set to rocket.

Confident they werenít the only students who felt this way, they set about thinking of a solution to earning extra money without hindering their education. After many less successful suggestions (such as selling their bodies to science) Pro-Motor was created.

With the help of another Cardiff graduate, Huw Carpenter, the website was knocked up and ready for business. The idea is simple, but there are real benefits for all involved. Pro-motor connects private vehicles with businesses for mobile advertising campaigns.

Drivers get paid a monthly fee to advertise on their cars. They donít need to alter their driving habits in any way, meaning extra income with little effort. For businesses, in such a saturated world of advertising and marketing, it provides a unique and effective method for brand promotion; be it a small campaign or a 12 month brand awareness solution.

Although in its early stages, Pro-Motor is already causing a buzz. The aim is to concentrate on the South Wales region first, with the hope of expansion in the near future.

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